Services Offered by U.S. Industrial Piping

Pipe Systems
The core of our business is providing high quality, ready to install pipe spools in a variety of Carbon, Stainless and Specialty steel alloys, ready for easy and cost effective installation.

Pipe Bending
We can fabricate pipe bends up to 8" in diameter with up to a ½" wall. We can do 3xD and 5xD radius bends.
Pressure Vessels
Our newest shop, 15,000 sq ft with high ceilings and heavy duty material handling allows us to handle even larger vessels.
The outer jacket may hold a heating or cooling fluid to control temperature of the inner process pipe; or serve as a safety barrier in containment piping.
Installation Packages
Supports, Specialty Items,
Nuts, Bolts, Gaskets
A Complete Package of ready to install modular pipe spools and associated components.
Modular Racks and Skids
U.S. Industrial has several shops able to accomodate large rack modules. Past projects have featured modules over 55' long and 22' tall.
pipe Supports and hangers
Sway Struts, U-Bolts,
and other hangers.
Structural Steel, Angle Iron,
W Beams, Tube Steel
Specialty Fabrication
Need a part that doesn't exist as an off the shelf component? Building a prototype system for testing? We can help!
Blast and Paint Shop
Offering a wide variety of coatings and surface preparation options such as ID/OD Sand Blasting, Painting, Specialty Coatings, Galvanizing, Pickle, Passivate, Oil and/or Fog.
On-Line Project Tracking
Our Spool Tracking System (STS) lets you view project status on-line 24/7.
STS On-Site software extends tracking to the jobsite.

Fabrication Material

  • Carbon Steel
    (A106B/C, A53BC, API5L and X Grade)
  • Stainless Steels
    (Grades 304, 316, 304H, 347)
  • Chrome Alloys
    (P91, P22, P11, P9, P5)
  • Speciality and Exotic Alloys
    Monel / Inconel / Incoloy / Hastelloy
    Alloy 20 / Titanium

    Welding Procedures

  • More than 65 certifed welding procedures are in place to meet your requirements.

    Welding Processes

  • Gas Metal Arc (MIG)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG)
  • Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW)
  • Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
  • Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • Wire Feed Orbital Welding

Why Fabrication from u.s?


Controlled Environment
Well equipped for a all of sizes of pipe and structural steel in a wide variety of materials, our shops offer a level of quality not easily replicated in the field. Read more


Pipe spools, using off the shelf Pipe Valve and Fitting (PVF) components and/or custom materials, consolidate a number of parts into one easy to handle, store and install piece.   Read more

Easy installation

Welds made in our shop ease installation with fewer field welds to perform.
Tight fabrication tolerences ensure precise alignment of pipe spools during installation. Read more


Ready To Start
Our shops are staffed and ready to start fabrication; no mobilization necessary.
Read more


Avoid job-site restrictions of limited laydown, storage and fabrication areas. Eliminate contention with other trades and stay out of the weather. Fabricate your next project at US Industrial Piping!

specialty services

US Industrial Piping provides a single point of contact for your complex Pipe or Pressure Vessel System. In-house capabilities are supplimented by a carefully maintained network of qualified suppliers.